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Evropa 2 YEARMIX 2023!

I'm thrilled to announce the release of the official Yearmix for Radio Europa 2 once again! Experience the biggest hits of 2023 in an almost 3-hour-long dance mix. It's divine! Join Pavel Cejnar and me for a live broadcast of samples from the mix on January 1, 2024, from 12 PM to 3 PM! But you, my fans, can enjoy the entire mix right now, uninterrupted, with no talking, no ads, and no breaks.

Where We Could Be Seen and Heard Together:

About Me

Ondra Vodny

 My name is Ondra Vodny. I am a host and DJ for Radio Europa 2. For over 20 years, I've been gathering experience in event marketing and the music business, which I am eager to share with as many event organizers and enthusiasts as possible. 

 I bring to you the experience from hundreds of successful events in the Czech Republic and abroad. Are you looking for a DJ and host who can manage your event for international guests in English? A consultant who can help you conceive and organize your event? You are on the right page. 
 Hosting has been my childhood dream come true. Since the age of 13, I had one goal - to become a host, specifically a host on Radio Europa 2. With every event, I bring unique experiences. Throughout my long career, I've learned what works better and what less, what the risks of an event are, and how to make any occasion exceptional. I will share all of this with you. Thus, you can always rid yourself of the fear of organizing an event.
  I will be gladly available not only as a host but also as a consultant. Plus, with almost all the contacts you might need. So, you can enjoy the event with peace of mind. 
 I do not have a manager. I will personally handle all events, inquiries, and questions directly with you. 
 I look forward to meeting you.

Overview of Services I Offer:

Host & DJ: 
 Any Event, Anywhere in the World!

Event Host in Czech and English. From gala social events, balls, award ceremonies to shows in sports halls, exhibition centers, EXPOs. With more than 20 years of experience in events and over 18 years on Radio Europa 2!

Curation & Production: 
 Over 20 Years of Experience and Contacts!

I collaborate on building events, award ceremonies, dance tours, product launches, shopping center events, motivational conferences, and expos. I transform ordinary events into unique, emotion-filled experiences!

VIP Zone: 
 For the Most Loyal Fans and Music Lovers!

I love music. Thanks to my work at Radio Europa 2 and involvement in the international music industry, I have access to the latest hits. I manage up-to-date playlists and create music sets for radio stations and music curation for events. Now, my entire archive is at your disposal!

Home DJ of the Year

In the Music Awards of Radio Europa 2, I was honored with the title of "Home DJ of the Year" in 2019. In these music awards, fans cast their votes. It was they who selected me as the Home DJ of the Year, a year marked by my performances with my music project Ondray at the world's best club - Hi Ibiza, as well as the legendary London club, Ministry of Sound.

What Do My Satisfied Clients Say About Me?

"Ondra is a huge professional who hosted the ceremonial gala evening for us, announcing the results of the architectural competition for the design of the national pavilion for EXPO 2025. He also contributed to the planning and script of the entire event and responded very promptly to all the changes that occurred during the preparation and the evening itself. We are very thankful for the excellent cooperation!"      

Ondřej Soska
General Commissioner of the Czech Participation at EXPO 2025

"Ondra has been the best host for 21 editions of the volunteer awards in the Ústí nad Labem region, and it's always a high-level social fun. The hall is filled with laughter and tears, and for many people, it's an unforgettable evening under Ondra's leadership. His professional work was appreciated by our President Petr Pavel, both during the campaign before the election and after being elected. I always look forward to seeing what new and endearingly human Ondra will prepare."

Mgr. Lenka Vonka Černá
Director of the Volunteer Center in Ústí nad Labem, Chairwoman of the National Volunteer Association

"It's an honor for us to collaborate long-term with host Ondřej Vodný. His professional approach, charismatic personality, and ability to keep the audience engaged have contributed to creating an unforgettable atmosphere at our events. The broad spectrum of his presentations appeals to both youthful audiences and attendees of formal events, such as prestigious theater GALA performances. His hosting skills and ability to react to various situations make him a great partner for any event. We look forward to future collaborations and I can highly recommend his work!"

MgA. Martin Kolda
Director of Art 4 People 

"Our business chamber in the United Arab Emirates has been working with Ondřej for over 10 years now. He is an absolute professional you can rely on. He always processes tasks 100 percent, or maybe even better, and his results are incredible. He can handle any event or situation and presents products or events perfectly; he is capable of moderating any occasion. He's simply a pure professional, an entertainer, and the right man in the right place. Besides, he's a very humble, friendly guy who keeps his word. In short, it's a joy to work with him."

Dr. Pavel Foubík
CBC Dubai, President


Event Portfolio

 With 20 years of career experience gained from all kinds of events, I'm eager to also contribute to your event's success. Do you need an elegant and conservative gala evening? A sensitively executed benefit? A precisely introduced ball? A smooth live broadcast? A professional online stream? Or a show-stopping performance? I'd be delighted to help with all of these. 
 As a host, DJ, curator, scriptwriter, organizer... Every event deserves an individual approach. Thus, I prepare for events ranging from serious gala evenings, through large motivational and sales events, to shows in big halls, EXPOs, and conferences. 
 Contact me right now. We can then find out how and with what I can assist you.

My Favorite Offers

Event Host

A Radio Europa 2 host for your event, providing services in both Czech and English. I contribute to the preparation of the script and the curation of the event to ensure its best possible execution. I am fully available for consultations, preparations, and meetings.

DJ for Your Event

A DJ from Radio Europa 2 for your event, playing for all types of occasions. I tailor the music selection to suit receptions, conferences, and parties, including requests. I spin dance music, hits from Radio Europa 2, oldies, and Czech hits. Additionally, I'm happy to prepare the musical accompaniment for events - complete music curation including jingles, backgrounds, entrances, and more.

Host & DJ for Your Event

2 in 1. Having a Moderator & DJ at the same event is the most common request I receive. As a DJ, I also handle the moderation in both Czech and English. I'll ensure there's musical accompaniment, and if needed, I can organize the afterparty too

Event Planning & Production

With over 20 years of experience in the event industry, I'm eager to share my insights with you. I've made most of the mistakes so you don't have to, learning what works best and what doesn't. Discover which artists and stars are worth collaborating with and how to structure your event for maximum impact. I'll save you both time and money.

Radio Spot Production & Recording Studio

From recording radio spots, audiobooks, advertising scripts, audio and video commentary, to live streams and instructional videos, avoid the unnecessary cost of studio rentals. I deliver promptly and offer unlimited revisions, all from my professional home studio.

VIP Zone & Music Playlist Archive  

Love the music from Radio Europa 2 but can't keep up with the latest tunes? Need long sets for your runs, workouts, long drives, or parties? I've got you covered! Access a complete archive of DJ sets and Spotify playlists, regularly updated for your enjoyment.


 (+420) 777 563 421



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